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Our Allied Health Partners

Speech Pathology


Satya Health Consulting at Doctors on Nicholson

Paediatric OT

Infant Sleep Australia

Protea Therapy

Protea Therapy offers personalised and evidence-based private speech pathology services to children and their families. The speech pathologists at Protea Therapy are highly trained and experienced across a range of clinical areas. We provide assessment, therapy, and parent training for families whose children are experiencing difficulties with: 

  • Eating, drinking, and swallowing
  • Speaking clearly and pronouncing speech sounds
  • Understanding and using words, including late talking
  • Literacy (reading and writing)
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Voice (e.g. hoarseness)

Bookings and enquiries can now be made either via their website or by contacting the Doctors on Nicholson reception team on 9088 2322 or


Dr Katherine Sanchez

BA BSpPath(Hons) PhD CPSP

Dr Jessica Boyce


Introducing Protea Therapy’s newest Speech Therapist Naomi Lourensz

Naomi Lourensz is a speech pathologist who comes to us with several years’ experience at the Royal Children’s Hospital and CoHealth Community Health. She has a special interest in working with young babies, and is working towards qualifying as a lactation consultant. Naomi also has interests in working with late talking toddlers, children with speech sound disorders, and children with medically complex histories (e.g. premature birth). She will be working on Tuesdays, starting February 1st, 2022.

Jedrek Hagedorn

Doctors on Nicholson Psychologist Jedrek Hagedorn

Clinical Psychologist, MAPS
Jedrek is a Clinical Psychologist experienced in supporting people with a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and relationship difficulties. He has worked with emergency service personnel such as police and members of the Australian Defence Force, individuals having experienced accidents and bullying at work, and men and women struggling with emotional, relationship or drug and alcohol problems.

Jedrek is a registered psychologist, a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology. He has worked both in private and public psychiatric settings, as well as in crisis counselling.

Jedrek provides individual therapy for adults and young adults. He employs various evidence-based therapeutic modalities in his work, including Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Psychoanalytic Therapy (PT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Jedrek focuses on building a trusting relationship with his clients and aims to understand complex beings shaped by their life experience. In addition, Jedrek is committed to working with people across a range of cultural backgrounds, LGTBIQ people and other minority groups.

695-697 Nicholson Street, Carlton North, VIC 3054
Phone: 0482 924 634
Email for Referrals :

Melbourne Paediatric Occupational Therapy

amyjack (002)

Amy Williams

Amy is a registered paediatric Occupational Therapist who has substantial experience and skills in providing comprehensive and holistic assessment and intervention for infants and young children.

Amy has the skills and capacity to provide the following services:

  • Assessment and developmental surveillance of babies born premature or who have had a difficult start to life (e.g. with a hospital admission)
  • Assessment and developmental support for babies with identified risk to their development, e.g. high risk for Cerebral Palsy, genetic or congenital diagnosis
  • Therapy and support where there are identified challenges with motor skills – e.g. using hands for play and mealtimes, tolerance for playing in a variety of positions, sitting for mealtimes and play
  • Therapy and support where there are identified challenges with play and thinking skills – e.g. exploring and engaging in play, functional play like cause and effect play, developing pretend play skills
  • Therapy and support where there are identified challenges with sensory processing, impacting on participation or engagement in activities of daily living – e.g. tactile sensitivity impacting on tolerance for messy play or finger feeding
  • Assessment and recommendations for assistive technology (e.g. equipment) to support the infant or child’s participation in activities of daily living, e.g. seating for children with complex movement and postural needs, equipment to support participation in self-care activities like bathing

Amy has 15 years experience working with infants and young children with a diverse range of backgrounds and needs. Her passion is to help infants and children participate in meaningful activities and interactions, and to meet their fullest developmental potential. As a busy mum, she understands the juggle that comes with having a family and she strives to support families in this journey with relevant and meaningful therapy and care.

You can find out more about the services provided by Melbourne Paediatric Occupational Therapy here:

Infant Sleep Australia

Dr Laura Conway (PhD) is passionate about supporting parents whose babies have sleep problems. She draws on her expertise in early child development and paediatric sleep to work alongside families to address their child’s sleep difficulties. Laura ensures the latest research evidence is embedded in the advice and support she provides to families.

Laura can help children aged 0-5 who:

  • have problems settling to sleep,
  • wake frequently overnight,
  • resist going to bed e.g., using stalling tactics, or
  • wake up too early in the morning.

Laura enjoys helping parents to improve their child’s sleep and watching the positive changes that follow for the whole family. She helps tired parents build strong relationships with their babies and children.

Infant Sleep Australia takes bookings directly. Please book via their website: or email:

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