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COVID-19 Vaccines in Separate Arms

Studies Show That Having COVID-19 Vaccines in Separate Arms Leads to a Higher Antibody Response

As the remnants of the COVID-19 pandemic lingers and we continue through another recent wave of infections, it is as important as ever to be fully vaccinated as well as boosted against COVID-19.

At Doctors On Nicholson, we encourage all individuals eligible to receive their vaccination to ward off ill-effects the virus could potentially have for individuals.

Onwards to this, researchers at OHSU have found through studies conducted in the US that switching arms for your COVID-19 vaccinations works to provide better immunity than solely having both in the same arm.

Based on the study of 1000 adults, those who received it in both arms had a 1.5x to 2x higher antibody (proteins that circulate the blood) response than those who received the vaccine and booster in the same arm.

It was also found that the immune response gap widened as time went on comparably between the two groups. 1 year onwards from vaccination date, these results indicate a sizeable difference that can lean to the informed decision that individuals should consider having their next vaccine in a different arm than they had previously.

To view the conversation between Marcel Curlin (Associate professor of medicine at OHSU overseeing the studies) and David Miller, please use the link:

Switching arms between vaccine doses could dramatically improve immune response, OHSU study shows – OPB

If you have not received your latest booster or been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, please book in with our nurse Sharn via phone or our website (HotDocs).

We hope to see you soon for your vaccination soon!

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