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PHONE: 03 9088 2322
FAX: 03 8376 6130

Our Pillars


We care about what’s important to our patients – their health and their time. That’s why we always put them at the centre of our business.


Quality, convenience and timeliness are at the core of our service promise.


We set new standards for ourselves by always challenging the norm and choosing to do things differently and better.

Our Personality

Curious and Challenging

We’re big thinkers with open minds. We believe in better ways and new ideas to help people feel better and live healthier.

Playful and Passionate

We take our care seriously, we love what we do and want to inspire people to share our passion for healthy living.

Genuine and Generous

We’re always honest, candid and authentic with a great bedside manner. We have big hearts and show compassion.

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