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PHONE: 03 9088 2322
FAX: 03 8376 6130

Complaint and Feedback Policy

We appreciate any feedback positive or negative we receive from our community. If you wish to lodge a complaint or grievance to our management team, please send your written grievance via email to or via mail to our postal address.

Doctors on Nicholson requires all patient complaints or formal feedback to be made via a written letter or email addressed to the practice.
We follow Better Practice Guidelines to demonstrate: Commitment to consumers and quality improvement, accessible, responsive, effective assessment, appropriate resolution, privacy and open disclosure, gathering and using information, making improvements. All correspondence is to be documented in writing.

All complaints are forwarded directly to our practice management team, who will formally acknowledge the complaint and work to resolve the complaint within 30 business days.

Complaints Resolution Process

Doctors On Nicholson endeavours to deal with complaints in a manner that is complete, fair to all parties and provides just and appropriate outcomes and resolutions.

  • The complaint, resolution and investigation processes are concise and clear, both understood by complainants and staff.
  • The resolution is a product or encourages joint problem solving, whereby both parties work through differences and perspectives and can reach an agreed resolution.
  • Admin Managers investigates formal complaints and determine the events that have occurred, the underlying causes and corrective strategies.
  • Admin Managers have used documentation and correct procedure to investigate complaint.
  • The resolution process agreed upon needs to be equitable and objective for all parties involved.
  • Admin Managers are to inform complainants and relevant staff of the outcomes of investigations and provide explanation for resolution decisions.
  • Admin Managers strive to provide just outcomes for complainants that are appropriate to the circumstances.
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