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Pathology at Doctors on Nicholson


Australian Clinical Labs is our in-house pathology provider. No appointment necessary – walk in service.
Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:30am-12:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed


Doctors on Nicholson is a private billing practice.


All consultations need to be paid on the day of service.

We are able to process Medicare rebates on the spot if you bring your physical debit card with you.

Appointments are billed at the conclusion of a consultation.

Type of AppointmentPrivate FeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Appointment$96.00$41.40$54.60
Extended Appointment$154.50$80.10$74.40
Telehealth Standard Appointment$98.00$41.40$56.60
Telehealth Extended Appointment$156.50$80.10$76.40
Standard Appointment after 6pm$106.00$41.40$64.60
Extended Appointment after 6pm$164.50$80.10$84.40
Telehealth Standard Appointment after 6pm$108.00$41.40$66.60
Telehealth Extended Appointment after 6pm$166.50$80.10$86.40
Standard Consult Public Holidays$118.45$53.90$64.55
Extended Consult Public Holidays$176.80$92.45$84.35
Mental Health Care Plan (Initial)$153.00$100.20$52.80
Mental Health Care Plan (Review)$132.55$78.95$53.60
Skin Check/Mole Mapping (30 minute duration)$200.00$80.10$119.90
Implanon initial consult*$96.00$41.40$54.60
Implanon Insertion ONLY*$131.20$41.40$89.80
Implanon Removal or Removal and Insertion*$169.70$80.10$89.60
Full Medical History Transfers$40.00-$40.00

*Dr Anneliese and Dr Martyn ONLY

Standard appointments are to discuss 1-2 straight forward matters.

Extended or complicated appointments are to discuss 2 or more concerns and/or complex matters.  This is billed at the discretion of the GP at the end of the appointment regardless of what appointment type is booked.

Please note Medicare rebates are available for telehealth consultations ONLY if you have been face to face at the practice over the past 12 months. New patients are still able to book telehealth appointments, however, the Medicare rebate will not be able to be processed and the full private fee amount will apply.

Payments for services need to be paid for on the day of the consultation. Payment can be made via debit or credit card. We do not accept cash. Failure to do so will result in the patient being unable to book a future appointment until the account has been paid. If the account has not been paid within 30 days of the service date Doctors on Nicholson will be unable to book the patient any further appointments and will facilitate transferring their medical records to an alternative GP/clinic of their choosing.

Please note that there may be a charge associated with the transfer of your medical history.


When booking a telehealth appoinment through our online booking provider, HotDoc, you will be asked to enter your card details to secure your booking. This card will be charged at the conclusion of your consult. Please make sure you have enough funds in your account and your card number, expiry and CVC details are correct to avoid any processing errors. Once payment has been successful our reception team will process your Medicare rebate for you through online patient claiming. Please make sure you Medicare details are correct when booking online. Any claims unable to be processed by us due to incorrect Medicare information will need to be processed by you, the patient. This can easily be done through the Medicare App or Services Australia website.

Implanon Services

Dr Anneliese Willems and Dr Martyn Taylor are able to perform Implanon insertions and removals on site at the clinic.

Implanon services require ALL patients to have an initial consult with Dr Anneliese or Dr Martyn prior to any procedure being performed. Initial consults will be charged at a standard consult fee of $96.00 (unless other items are discussed with the GP), and then following that the procedure can be booked in at reception. All prices for these services can be found above in our fees table, and our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about the booking and fees process.


Usually results from our pathology provider, Australian Clinical Labs, will be received within 2-3 business days. This may vary depending on the provider and the type of tests or imaging received.

Patients will be informed of their results directly by the practice.

Normal results are relayed to patients via phone call with the GP or nurse. No appointment booking is necessary and the short consult is bulk billed.

Abnormal results or results requiring an appointment will be arranged by reception and our regular fee schedule applies.

Cancellation Policy:

At Doctors On Nicholson, we have a required amount of notice that patients will need to provide prior to cancellation. This is so that there is adequate time for other patients to see our doctors as they are in demand and are often booked out daily.

Failure to do so will result in a fee that will need to be paid prior to the next appointment.

Please see the below table for our cancellation policy in regards to each appointment.

Type of appointmentLength of appointmentTime Required to cancel without feeFee Associated with Late Cancellation
Standard Appointments15 minutes2 hours$40.00
Skin Check Appointments30 minutes24 hours$80.00

Our Allied Health partners operate their own cancellation policies which patients will be made aware of at the time of booking.

At Doctors on Nicholson we attempt to contact, by phone, all patients who do not attend (DNA) after 5 minutes past their appointment time. Where possible we endeavour to reschedule patients who have simply forgotten. Patients who arrive late are not guaranteed to be seen by the GP and may need to reschedule their appointment for later in the day or another day depending on availability in the appointment book.

If the patient cannot be reached and does not attend their appointment it is recorded in our appointment booking software.

For multiple DNAs, patients will receive a warning letter explaining any more DNAs will either incur a fee payable before their next appointment or that the practice will be unable to book them any further appointments and we will facilitate transferring their medical records to a GP/clinic of their choosing.  This decision is made collaboratively with the patient’s GP taking into account anything clinically significant.

Covid Symptoms and whether to book:

Please note, that we require patients with ANY COVID-19 or respiritory symptoms to perform a RAT on the day of their appointment. Symptoms include: – cough – runny nose – sore throat – shortness of breath – fevers.

If you are COVID-19 positive, please call our reception on (03) 9088 2322 to arrange a telehealth consult.

Those who have had Covid and still have symptoms between day 7 and 14 are to book a telehealth appointment.

Those who have finished their 7 day quarantine with a negative RAT/PCR can book a face to face appointment.

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